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Home » Archives » November 2006 » Yeah, I Voted Today....

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11/07/2006:"Yeah, I Voted Today...."

democracy_a2style (16k image)

...but I'm not sure anyone else in my town did. That picture on the left is my local polling place at about 3pm. Oh wait, I forgot. I live in a town full of bleeding heart liberal intellectuals. They were all at the cafe TALKING about voting. You know, even though I didn't vote on an electronic voting machine, the prevalence of them gave me the weird feeling that we're all living in a PlaySkool democracy, where the government's our mom and thinks it's cute the way we think our votes are being counted just like in a real grownup democracy...

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On Wednesday, November 8th, terry Osterhout Said:

Actually, our votes DID count! Big time! I wanted to call you today I was too busy doing the Snoopy Dance in my blue underwear! Actually, I wrote MSNBC and complimented them on the excellent coverage which I watched for about 18 hours straight, I wrote a letter to the White House complimenting George W Bush ans pledging my support in a new, more civil era for our great country! The people spoke and now for the first time in 6 years, my voice has a voice, in this government of ours.

What can I say? I may be an optimist but I'm not a blind optimist. Sure, this won't solve America's problems but it will create a more diverse forum and will breed change! I've never felt more patriotic! (Even neo-cons are happy because they did this too!)