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Home » Archives » November 2006 » October Surprise? I Got Your October Surprise...

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11/01/2006:"October Surprise? I Got Your October Surprise..."

rove kerry 08 (9k image)With the mid-term elections just a week away, we should expect this kind of stuff, but every time John Kerry opens his mouth, I'm more convinced that he's a Republican shill. It wasn't enough that he gave away the White House in 2004, now he has to open his big yap and possibly help the Dems lose a bunch of campaigns that should be cakewalks. The really absurd thing is that what he said is actually TRUE. A lot of guys are in the service specifically because they didn't go to college, and wanted to better themselves. WHY APOLOGIZE, unless you're trying to look like MORE of a buffoon and dominate the news cycle for another few days? Who needs an American Hostage crisis when you have John Kerry?