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01/19/2006:"Thinking Outside The Bubble"

It'll be interesting to see if the day-and-date release of Steven Soderbergh's Bubble will have the desired impact, which according to Soderbergh is to reign in piracy. In his words: "Simultaneous release is already here. We're just trying to gain control over it."

How many more people who don't pay for their media will pay for it just because they have three ways to do so on the release date?

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On Thursday, January 19th, Terry Said:

It won't have any affect on piracy but it will put another nail in the coffin of theater going in America. (Personally, I wish they would release all movies like this so I don't even have to wait 3 months to see the movies I want.) Ironically, I finally went to the theater and saw Hostel, (which I enjoyed,) but am too distracted by other people's bad manners to fully enjoy myself. Piracy is the least of anyone's problems anyway regarding the internet, (didn't anyone see the Matrix movies?)

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