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Home » Archives » January 2006 » 2006, year of the "glowing donkey balls hats!"

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01/15/2006:"2006, year of the "glowing donkey balls hats!""

So, our hard drive is shot but dudes we got a Dell with a 3 year warranty so I'll be a blogging fool again before you know it! I'm writing this on a tiny Presario notebook with Asian language keys and my finger covers three keys so it is tough to type. I saw Hostel yesterday, and am concerned about America loving torture entertainment too much, (but not in this case because it is only a movie and I actually really enjoyed it!)

Eon McKai's Neu Wave Hookers 3 DVD edition comes out this week and it is quite an epic, (and includes the original Dark Bros. classic!) Buy it, smut lovers!

Let's talk politics for a second...

...And when I say politics, I really mean WAR!!!

How many are up for losing more family members in Iran? Anyone? Oh wait, Iran is actually a threat and are truly developing nuclear weapons, (we call them weapons of mass destruction right?) and they are likely to use them because their leader threatens EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY!

Damn, if we hadn't gone into Iraq on trumped up reasons for oil, corruption, greed, and a vendetta against a washed up dictator who spent his time watching The Godfather all day, I guess we would still have the resources to fight a war that needs to be fought!

...And by that I mean, if we don't get really tough with Iran, we're going to be living under a nuclear winter very soon!

Don't worry though, Jesus will be there too, (but apparently he'll only hang with you if you a Republican so don't get too excited!)

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