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Saturday, January 28th

HA HA HA America

Check out funny film on Sundance web site. Someday not be so funny maybe. Hillibilly CEO President no realize China make EVERYTHING. Except America job, of course. Here fact: China population 1.5 billion. Maybe 1.2 billion. Either result mean: America just "rounding error". HAHAHA!

Posted By: Ian on 01.28.06 @ 08:06 PM EDT [link]

Friday, January 27th

Ben Affleck & Bruce Willis Better Get To Work

I'm finally fairly confident the world is ending, after many false alarms. At least it's after my birthday. On July 31 of this year, an asteroid called BQ6 will come pret-ty darn close to earth. For an idea of just how close, today it's here, and July 31 it's here. You can take a look for yourself on the NASA/JPL web site. If you have java enabled click here to see where the asteroid is today. Once the page is loaded, click the little "play" button, and witness your impending doom.

Posted By: Ian on 01.27.06 @ 08:20 AM EDT [link]

Wednesday, January 25th

Plugging Your A-Hole

Only an industry that ruthlessly sues its customers to increase profits would come up with a term like Analog Hole (Wikipedia definition) to define its next strategy for making your entertainment life miserable. Break the phrase up: Anal/Log/Hole...that's exactly where the MPAA and RIAA's heads are, in their A-Holes.

The main company providing the Video Content Protection technology is a company that makes weird TV-interactive Bat Toys. Apparently the related House Bill would move ahead with no public review, because to understand the secret technology behind it requires a $10,000.00 non-disclosure licensing agreement. Cool! We get taxed to implement a technology we can't review, to limit our media usage!

Posted By: Ian on 01.25.06 @ 09:18 AM EDT [link]

Tuesday, January 24th

It's Terry's Birthday, and All He Got Was This Lousy Post

Interesting things seem to happen on Terry's birthday. Not the least of which was Terry's birth. Some strange (Klaus Nomi) and wonderful (Nastassja Kinski, Eskimo Pies) things, and some not so wonderful (Oral Roberts, Homeland Security) things. Perhaps most intriguing: Caligula was assassinated on Terry's birthday in 41 AD....could Terry be the reincarnation of this mad leader? Only the gods and Bob Guccione can be sure...Happy Birthday, Mister! If you want to wish Terry a happy birthday too, visit Mondopopsickle and click on his Google ads or something....

Posted By: Ian on 01.24.06 @ 05:28 AM EDT [link]

Monday, January 23rd

The Futurliner Is Now...

Yeah, F.U. and your H2. I'm gettin' me one o' them there Futurliners! (If only because of the weird spelling.)

Posted By: Ian on 01.23.06 @ 08:41 PM EDT [link]

Thursday, January 19th

Thinking Outside The Bubble

It'll be interesting to see if the day-and-date release of Steven Soderbergh's Bubble will have the desired impact, which according to Soderbergh is to reign in piracy. In his words: "Simultaneous release is already here. We're just trying to gain control over it."

How many more people who don't pay for their media will pay for it just because they have three ways to do so on the release date?

Posted By: Ian on 01.19.06 @ 07:39 AM EDT [link]

Sunday, January 15th

2006, year of the "glowing donkey balls hats!"

So, our hard drive is shot but dudes we got a Dell with a 3 year warranty so I'll be a blogging fool again before you know it! I'm writing this on a tiny Presario notebook with Asian language keys and my finger covers three keys so it is tough to type. I saw Hostel yesterday, and am concerned about America loving torture entertainment too much, (but not in this case because it is only a movie and I actually really enjoyed it!)

Eon McKai's Neu Wave Hookers 3 DVD edition comes out this week and it is quite an epic, (and includes the original Dark Bros. classic!) Buy it, smut lovers!

Posted By: terry on 01.15.06 @ 10:29 AM EDT [link]

Wednesday, January 4th

As Long As They Don't Get Married...

Seems the same U.S. government that gets up in arms about same-sex marriage had plans to make the enemy have gay love-ins. Gay love-ins with bad breath and gas, that is. The fart-bomb portion of the plans was apparently scrapped because "people in many areas of the world do not find faecal odour offensive, since they smell it on a regular basis". For more unrelated body function information, see 18 Tricks to Teach Your Body, courtesy MSN Health & Fitness.

Posted By: Ian on 01.04.06 @ 07:09 AM EDT [link]

Tuesday, January 3rd

Got The Shakes?

Let the wonders of modern technology smooth things out for you. I'm not really sure what either of these things prove (except that handheld video has come a long way since the sixties!), but here is the Zapruder film stabilized (6MB Quicktime), showing a different view of the Kennedy assassination than you've probably seen in the past. (Warning: Rather gory, not for weak stomachs.) And here we find one of the more familiar Bigfoot films stabilized in a weird 4MB gif file. Another file here zooms in and reverses segments for a better look.

Posted By: Ian on 01.03.06 @ 02:43 PM EDT [link]

Moby is a Conehead

Listening to the some of the files in my Old Music folder tonight, I realized that Dark
Side of the Moon
holds up pretty well, but Moby was sounding a little dated already. Maybe if he'd dropped the conehead-like midwestern drone or kicked Eminem's butt when called a girl back at the 2002 MTV Music Video Awards, things would be different now.

Posted By: Ian on 01.03.06 @ 12:25 AM EDT [link]

Sunday, January 1st

Eerie New Government Spy Device

A friend brought an eerie mind-reading device to a New Year's Eve party last night. It's a handheld, battery-powered version of twenty questions that does a disturbingly good job of guessing what you're thinking of, and within twenty questions. After it guessed especially peculiar things like "Do-Do Bird", we became convinced it's actually a two-way transmitter with human operators on the other end somewhere. Creepier than David Blaine!

Posted By: Ian on 01.01.06 @ 06:08 PM EDT [link]

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