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Monday, February 27th

Who'll Star in George Bush's Bio Now?

Hard to believe The Incredible Mr. Limpet has passed into the deep. If you never saw the spoof trailer Dubya Movie, check it out. No-one could play Dubya better.

Posted By: Ian on 02.27.06 @ 06:48 AM EDT [link]

Wednesday, February 22nd

Products We Might Not Need

How did I miss this one? Did you know Wolfgang Puck put his name on a self-heating latte product? In this article they suggest that it has a downside; it "tastes like caffeinated hummingbird vomit". In any case, I'd say a self-heating latte is about as useful as a Hog Wild Motorized Ice Cream Cone.

Posted By: Ian on 02.22.06 @ 08:16 PM EDT [link]

Friday, February 17th

And now a word from.......

So apparently Hawaii is looking to make themselves a more "exclusive" tourist destination because they are experiencing too much tourist traffic now. For the first time ever they have exceeded 7M in a single year and now want to filter out us poor slobs who hunger for an island of beauty in a sea of ugly, so that they can concentrate on the rich, who are fewer in number but have more clams to spread around. When did Don Ho become the snooty maitre' d from Ferris Beullers Day Off ???????

Posted By: Our Sponsors on 02.17.06 @ 05:06 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, February 16th

Finally, Silence from the 18-30 Group...

I complain a lot about people isolating themselves with their addictive cellphone and wi-fi laptop usage, but I finally see a bright side. I've had an eye on MySpace as a marketing tool for awhile, and saw today they're adding a cellphone service. Cool. Now that person sitting next to me at the cafe not talking to me will at least shut the eff up because they'll be texting on their cell instead of yammering in broken sentences while they type...

Posted By: Ian on 02.16.06 @ 07:35 AM EDT [link]

Wednesday, February 15th

And now a word from our sponsors

"They" have some buckshot with your name on it.....sure it's tiny but it's still your name. "My solicitor will come round in the morning, have your people call my people - I have been offered an honorary oscar for lifetime achievment if I will just gut you like a fish"

Um....No. crazy

Posted By: Eric on 02.15.06 @ 06:05 PM EDT [link]

The Next Big Thing

No really. It's a very big thing. The Aeroscraft is a huge blimpy-looking airborne luxury liner of the future. Excellent material for a disaster film. I can't wait to see the "Poskydon Adventure".

Posted By: Ian on 02.15.06 @ 07:01 AM EDT [link]

Tuesday, February 14th

Would "Love Thy Brother" Be Incest?

First of all, the first 10 women who send Ian a love poem at get (you guessed it!) a date with Ian (you could also use our Contact Page). I'm in new territory here people...I've never gone more than a year without a date until now. Not desperate, just, you know...

And on a less personal note, I realized yesterday that I wasn't the only person I knew that hadn't seen the Danish comics depicting the prophet Mohammed that were fanning the flames that will probably ignite WWIII. Why the hell hasn't the American media been showing them? I think if people saw how relatively innocuous they are, the outrage would be going the other way. If I have to live on a planet where sophisticated European cartoonists have nothing better to do than lambast an unfamiliar religion, and the response from some of the folks who embrace that religion is to torch embassies and kill people, well BRING IT ON. PUSH THE BUTTON, I can't wait for the fireworks.

Posted By: Ian on 02.14.06 @ 06:30 AM EDT [link]

Sunday, February 12th

Dick is a Killer

Well, almost. He's just having a little fun spraying his buddy's face with buckshot. A friendly reminder of one of my favorite mashups, Dick is a Killer (3.6MB, MP3) from Shoot 'em up, Dick! You really ARE against gun control. You should try at least controlling yours, dude.

Posted By: Ian on 02.12.06 @ 08:51 PM EDT [link]

Monday, February 6th

Super Bowl Monday Moaning

Although I don't watch the Super Bowl, I'm comforted (as I lie here trying to shake off an annoying flu) by the fact that an estimated 1.4 million Americans call in sick the day after the game. I had no idea it was so detrimental to productivity! Ah well, here's another productivity inhibitor: watch the Super Bowl commercials on Google Video. You can learn a lot about the average American this way. Especially by watching the Bud Light commercials...

Also enlightening: some people want to make it a national holiday. is, in their words: " ...a grass-roots political campaign dedicated to the pursuit of making Super Bowl Sunday a new National Holiday, with observation on Monday following the big game..."

Posted By: Ian on 02.06.06 @ 08:36 AM EDT [link]

Saturday, February 4th

wHy oFFiSeR sMiTh KaNt sPeLL

Well, don't you feel safe now that there are twenty-five fewer strippers (TSG link, w/Mugshots) on the rampage in society? Too bad the arresting cops never learned to read and write. Maybe then they wouldn't accuse women of "prostition", "prositution" (they never did get it right, in 25 arrests) and selling "alocohic" beverages...and maybe then they would read enough news to know that the real criminals in this country are all in Washington.

Posted By: Ian on 02.04.06 @ 06:44 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, February 2nd

Thinking Outside The Bubble, Part II

Apparently Steven Soderbergh's Bubble was released as a Region 1 only DVD. No problem, just make your DVD-ROM region free!

(See previous post "Thinking Outside The Bubble" here.)

Posted By: Ian on 02.02.06 @ 07:35 AM EDT [link]

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