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Home » Archives » February 2006 » Super Bowl Monday Moaning

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02/06/2006:"Super Bowl Monday Moaning"

Although I don't watch the Super Bowl, I'm comforted (as I lie here trying to shake off an annoying flu) by the fact that an estimated 1.4 million Americans call in sick the day after the game. I had no idea it was so detrimental to productivity! Ah well, here's another productivity inhibitor: watch the Super Bowl commercials on Google Video. You can learn a lot about the average American this way. Especially by watching the Bud Light commercials...

Also enlightening: some people want to make it a national holiday. is, in their words: " ...a grass-roots political campaign dedicated to the pursuit of making Super Bowl Sunday a new National Holiday, with observation on Monday following the big game..."

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On Wednesday, February 8th, Terry Said:

Sorry you are sick Ian. Being sick is sick. I watched the Superbowl for the 3rd time in my life this past week and actually enjoyed it quite a bit but Americans get to many holdidays. I am all for a day off, but not the month people seem to take "preparing" for the holiday. I love America but sometimes I want to choke it like a prostitute who tells you after sex that she has a boyfriend and you're not her type. I am posting soon, (as soon as I find out how to swim above the quicksand.)

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