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Home » Archives » February 2006 » Would "Love Thy Brother" Be Incest?

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02/14/2006:"Would "Love Thy Brother" Be Incest?"

First of all, the first 10 women who send Ian a love poem at get (you guessed it!) a date with Ian (you could also use our Contact Page). I'm in new territory here people...I've never gone more than a year without a date until now. Not desperate, just, you know...

And on a less personal note, I realized yesterday that I wasn't the only person I knew that hadn't seen the Danish comics depicting the prophet Mohammed that were fanning the flames that will probably ignite WWIII. Why the hell hasn't the American media been showing them? I think if people saw how relatively innocuous they are, the outrage would be going the other way. If I have to live on a planet where sophisticated European cartoonists have nothing better to do than lambast an unfamiliar religion, and the response from some of the folks who embrace that religion is to torch embassies and kill people, well BRING IT ON. PUSH THE BUTTON, I can't wait for the fireworks.

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On Tuesday, February 14th, Cupid Said:

I fell asleep and dreamt nobody loved me. I woke up, and you know what? They did. HAHAHAHA!!!

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