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Home » Archives » August 2005 » Puppy Uppers, Doggy Downers...

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08/07/2005:"Puppy Uppers, Doggy Downers..."

...and now, Canine Condoms. The text below is excerpted from their product recall:

"Another 15 consumers reported choking incidents resulting from animals attempting to ingest Dog CondomsŪ meat-scented condoms. No fatalities were reported as a result of the choking incidents, but medical intervention was required in 4 cases."

Replies: 2 Comments

On Friday, September 16th, Lorraine Kuzen-Stephens Said:

Mr O'reilly,
Although you make an art out of interrupting people (willingly or not), you DID NOT gloat at Condi Rice, as a matter of fact, you were a perfect match for each other's high intellect and professionalism wink

On Wednesday, September 21st, charliepoore Said:

As orielly tries to hammer big oil [like they give a crap]someone should inform him about the last big tax break.Fact is there is not a politican that is not getting a kickback from big oil(thank to their lobbiest.)If he is serious he should demand the politicans disclose their holdings [Investments in the oil companies]as shares and how many free shares they get each time they vote on tax breaks for these companies.

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