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Monday, August 15th

One Extra-Large Sycophant, Hold the Imperialist Beast

NK News has compiled a comprehensive on line database of North Korean propaganda for your reading pleasure. Be sure to try the KCNA Random Insult Generator. Some preliminary insults:

"You extra-large gangster, we will resolutely smash your desperate war moves!"

"You arrogant running dog!"

"You extra-large stooge, such a provocation will be regarded as a declaration of war!"

No wonder Kim Jong's so ronery.

Posted By: Ian on 08.15.05 @ 10:40 AM EDT [link]

Sunday, August 14th

Chris Walken 2008

Looks like Christopher Walken has officially announced his candidacy. Anybody who can dance like this has my vote.

Posted By: Ian on 08.14.05 @ 09:12 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, August 11th

You Smell Something Funny?

While it might make for a thriving Siberian scotch industry in 2020, the massive thawing of peat bogs due to global warming doesn't appear to offer much else in the way of positive results. For a fairly intelligent look at gloabal warming issues, check out Too Much of Nothing at

Posted By: Ian on 08.11.05 @ 11:39 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, August 10th

Blush Up You Engrish

You may have seen before, where you'll find gems like Crap Your Hands with Rocking Elmo, but have you may never get to feast at Chicken Pecker. Check out that piece of chicken (?) on the far right side of the sandwich on their main page.

Posted By: Ian on 08.10.05 @ 08:18 AM EDT [link]

Tuesday, August 9th

More Productivity Inhibitors

If you enjoyed yesterday's time wasters, here are two more: TheHOUSE is a weird Flash-based mystery. I barely got beyond the dining room. CREEPY. Don't know if it leads to anything rewarding. Definitely NOT rewarding is Red Driving School's Car Parking Game. A "down" arrow key is definitely not a brake pedal.

Posted By: Ian on 08.09.05 @ 07:42 AM EDT [link]

Monday, August 8th

Anti-Productivity Tools

My goal is to prevent you from getting any work done today. There's always tomorrow.

First up: If you've never played with Sodaconstructor, you don't know what it's like to be God. Create life forms, make them dance. I don't think God needed javascript enabled, though.

Next: Use Face Maker to create authentic looking police sketches of your boss or co-workers, and post them near the water cooler.

Still thinking about work? Get your arrow keys ready. Orbox seems easy up to about level 4 or 5, then things start to get a little annoying.

4:30, and brain dead from all this mindless foolishness on the computer? Eat up that last half-hour with Speartoss. A stupid game, but the ukelele music is soothing as you fail to EVER get 536.05 like "Darkshad"....

Posted By: Ian on 08.08.05 @ 07:00 AM EDT [link]

Sunday, August 7th

Puppy Uppers, Doggy Downers...

...and now, Canine Condoms. The text below is excerpted from their product recall:

"Another 15 consumers reported choking incidents resulting from animals attempting to ingest Dog CondomsŪ meat-scented condoms. No fatalities were reported as a result of the choking incidents, but medical intervention was required in 4 cases."

Posted By: Ian on 08.07.05 @ 07:37 PM EDT [link]

Friday, August 5th

Bob Novak, Rove-ing Reporter

While Karl Rovak's - oops - Bob Novak's hissy-fit on CNN was VERY entertaining (Video here, Quicktime, 5.75MB), I would rather watch him sweat and twist in the wind, especially since I first saw this photo, where he's sucking up with Karl Rove, whose button says "I'm a source not a target", which apparently Washington journalists think is a really cute button to pass out at parties for old geezer news guys like Novak. With Rove seemingly getting a "Get Out of Jail" card from the press and the American public, and Novak "excusing" himself from being questioned on air, I wonder if we'll ever get real answers about the Plame affair...
BTW- Am I the only person in the world that thinks Novak was drunk in this appearance?

Posted By: Ian on 08.05.05 @ 07:20 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, August 4th

Sock the Monkey

Why do sock monkeys have red butts? I don't know. However there's probably a sock monkey for just about every taste. For Fight Club fans, there's a Space Monkey; for the boytoy crowd, there's a Sailor Monkey; maybe you'd like a tiny little monkey? I did manage to find a little info on the evolution of sock monkeys, but they made no mention of red butts. Maybe sock monkey porn will give us the answer. Even if it doesn't, I think that'll be the name of my next band.

Posted By: Ian on 08.04.05 @ 01:37 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, August 3rd

But Can They Find Bin Laden?

Having been disappointed with Google for a long time (they're EVIL), it's refreshing to see that the other big players are developing some cool new stuff. Check out the "Web 2.0" ventures of Yahoo or Microsoft. They're paying attention to the nerd action out there, and are integrating XML, RSS, AJAX and other tools to bring you quickly customizable, dynamic search/home page and shared bookmark tools. I actually rather like Microsoft's thingy, Yar. Wonder how much that domain's worth...

Posted By: Ian on 08.03.05 @ 12:30 AM EDT [link]

Tuesday, August 2nd

What Flavour Are Brown Jelly-Bellies?

Poop is always funny.

Posted By: Ian on 08.02.05 @ 05:28 AM EDT [link]

Monday, August 1st

Coming Soon:

Wow. Someone had to actually register the domain name, set up a hosting account, take all the photos, write the commentary, and create some web pages so we could enjoy:

Posted By: Ian on 08.01.05 @ 11:26 PM EDT [link]

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