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Home » Archives » June 2005 » Busier Than Bill O'Reilly's Damage Control Team

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06/20/2005:"Busier Than Bill O'Reilly's Damage Control Team"

Well, yes, I've been busy (see previous post), and the site suffers...but not too busy to post our visitor e-mail, if it's amusing. Received a rather misdirected e-mail (fourteen copies of it, actually) from an apparent fan of Bill O'Reilly:

Mr. O'Reilly,
TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD TOO MUCH KOOL-AID...... Mr. O'Reilly makes a DAMN good point with EVERY story that he follows!!! If there were only more of him around...THE WORLD WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE!!!!!!!

Daylene Auer
Waterford, MI

Jeez Daylene, you don't need to hit the "send" button FOURTEEN TIMES. You also needn't CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING. Maybe you should shut off your Comcast account. I think it's contributing to your impaired brain function. After you've stared at the blank screen for awhile, head on down to the Waterford library (if there is such a thing) and check out some books. Make sure one of them is "E-mail For Dummies". You might also look up some punctuation rules. Given your writing style and taste in media figures, I'd almost believe you accidently hit the "send" button fourteen times. However, if you did so intentionally, be aware that we will inform your ISP (Comcast) of your abusive e-mail behavior. Spamming is a felony, you know.

P.S. Give my best to your falafel friend, Bill. He never replies to our calls or e-mails.

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