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06/02/2005:"Jumping the Shark Jumps the Shark"

I said back in February that blogging was dead. Apparently agrees, and they've even made a commemorative trucker hat. According to a variety of sources (I'm not going to cite them; because of linkrot, the links will be gone by the time you read this):

1.) The number of internet users has increased worldwide by 146% since 2000.
2.) The number of blogs on line doubles every five months
3.) A new blog is created every 5.8 seconds

Your fifteen minutes of fame has been reduced to about six seconds, and in five months, that'll be THREE seconds. Jumping the shark itself has jumped the shark. There's even a Wikipedia entry for it. My bet for the next big thing? UNPLUGGING. Now all I have to do is find the time to burn the 15,000 song files and print the 8,372 photos and 14,011 e-mails on my computer. Then I'll jot down all the numbers in my home phone, cell phone, and computer address book, just in case. I'll make all my phone calls from the three payphones left in town, and if people far away want to know what's up, they can write me a letter....

Or is this all just an elaborate excuse for not posting daily? Hmm.

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