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Home » Archives » May 2005 » Big Brother's Ad Agency

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05/03/2005:"Big Brother's Ad Agency"

Well hello, uncle Nielsen... If you saw Minority Report and liked the idea of those personalised ads, well, we're one step closer thanks to ACNielsen. Check out Project Apollo, which will track your family's every consumer move with a Portable People Meter. Wow. These people actually think there's a direct cause and effect relationship between ads and purchasing. Example:

"While watching television with the family that evening, a commercial for the Navigator airs, prompting a weekend visit to the Lincoln showroom by our couple the following Saturday. With Apollo, the connection from exposure to action will be clear, direct and measurable, informed by a robust collection of rich consumer profiles contributed by panel members."

When they say "robust collection of rich consumer profiles", do they mean "rich consumer" or "rich profile"? Hmmm.