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Home » Archives » January 2007 » Gay? Going To Church Today? Just Remember: God Hates You

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01/27/2007:"Gay? Going To Church Today? Just Remember: God Hates You"

When parody fails, it's just, well, weird. Check out the not very funny video at left. It's from some guy named Donnie Davies, a fake Christian rocker with a fake Christian web site, It's almost so many things. Almost funny, almost thought-provoking, almost retarded. It's amazing how badly parody can fail when the production values are reasonably high, the idea's not that clever, and frankly, the world is weird enough that material like this could be "real". On their behalf, I have to admit a couple lines in the song are kind of funny, like: "Read the Bible, and you'll be shore, to enter heaven, there's no back door; You filthy sinners should just let me be, cause Jesus my saviour's the only man for me". And their list of gay bands to avoid had a couple gems like "Eminmen" (not a typo) and "Elton John (really gay)". But overall, it's just weird. Is there a word like simulacrum that applies specifically to parody?

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Almost as gay but more 80's -