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08/26/2006:"That's YourSpace, Not MySpace..."

I knew the web was toast a couple of years ago when "Blog" was one of Time Magazine's words of the year. These days, an estimated 73% of Internet traffic is going to MySpace, YouTube (isn't watching videos what a TV is for?), and Flickr. Because everyone's cat is SOOOO cute. The remaining 27% is spam, I guess, judging by my inbox...

Watch this space for the next big thing. Really.

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On Sunday, August 27th, terry Osterhout Said:

Actually Ian, it is funny you should say this because my wife and were discussing this topic at breakfast today. It isn't the web that is toast, but rather TV. The future is next door and the age where you sit in front of your big screen tv and watch shows, while checking your e-mail, chatting online and maintaining your bills and business (all without typing and all voice activated) is very, very near! Sitting in front of a TV for just watching television is so 2 years ago and the first corporation to figure out a fully integrated system for communication (and the video game console makers like Microsoft's XBox and Sony's PS3 are certainly aiming for it,) will essentially take over the world! Mark my words!

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