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Monday, March 20th


Ever feel like you are the unwilling star of a movie?

Posted By: Our Sponsors on 03.20.06 @ 05:47 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, March 9th

Hi, My Name's Emo Cutter

I encouraged a recent client of mine (Orbit, a hair salon in Ann Arbor, MI) to utilize MySpace as a social marketing tool. As I researched sites like MySpace and Xanga, one thing really struck me. As an original American punk/nihilist, I've always laughed at how the last 20 years' youth had fashionably co-opted rebellion as active mainstream consumers. I didn't know though, that whereas we used to cut ourselves and die without an audience, these little squirts have social networks based on "Cutters Anonymous" (well, not so anonymous, I guess), "(Cutters Anonymous)" (note the parentheses - not only not anonymous, but not original, either) and Christian Cutters (What? I cut myself for Jesus?)

"i love emo guys, im a cutter, im bulimarexic, i have been hospitalized, i hate my life pretty much"

But it sure is nice having a computer and broadband, isn't it?

Posted By: Ian on 03.09.06 @ 06:45 AM EDT [link]

Wednesday, March 1st

Monty Python Revival in Iran?

Having watched some Monty Python episodes on DVD recently may have skewed my perception, but this video of Iranian policewomen in training (embedded Google Video) looks suspiciously like a drag routine from the original series. But no, as the video assures us: "The policewomen are very serious."

Posted By: Ian on 03.01.06 @ 06:16 AM EDT [link]

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