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by Bob Carlos Clarke - Terry mentally undresses strangers on his coffee table

by Dave Naz - Goliath Publishing
Terry gets his Panties in a bunch

Ok, so I'm a fan of naked ladies. Perhaps an enthusiast is a better term? Or how about, I have an appreciation for the nude female form when applied in an artistic setting? It doesn't matter how you phrase it, and I suppose if you want to, you could just call me a pervert, but don't do it in response to my enthusiasm to Dave Naz's work because he is an artist and his new book, "Panties", is a beautiful collection of beautiful photographs. Yeah, so it's called "Panties." You might be uncomfortable telling people why you like it, or even bringing it up to the counter for purchase, but just don't deprive yourself of this excellent book because you are shy.
Aria Giovanni graces the cover in a tiny pair of white panties, covering her breasts with her hands. She looks like she is in someone's living room and she is smiling. Ms. Giovanni is often found in erotic poses and situations in erotic filmmaker, Andrew Blake's movies, but here she is not a sex kitten, she is a living person in her underwear and she radiates warmth and happiness. This is what is so wonderful about this book and why I have so much respect for Naz and Goliath books. The models in the pages of this book are shown naked and half naked, lounging around in their panties, but the way in which they are photographed is appealing because they are very much at home, and human, in their setting. You might suggest that they are still objectified, but the truth is, Dave Naz appears to not only love woman, but to appreciate and respect them as well. These are not super-models with vacant stares, but rather the girl next door frozen in time at her most personal and intimate. The women are of all shapes and sizes, and of diverse ethnic selections and they are all beautiful. The tone of the book itself floats somewhere between the 1950's and the 1970's, (but it's not your Dad's collection of naked women either.)
I can't sell this book to a feminist or persuade a conservative minded individual that "Panties" is a great art masterpiece, but to a collector of sexy coffee table books, you should not miss this book. It is beautiful, thought-provoking and offers a delicious peek at some lovely ladies in their underwear. Dave Naz could put out a hundred of these books and I would gladly fill my shelves with them. Don't get caught with your "Panties" down, buy this book today!

Terry Osterhout
September 2003


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