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Cheap Hotels
Daisann McLane - 2002
Terry Marvels at Accommodations Much Finer Than He Can Afford

Taschen's Cheap Hotels by Daisann McLane is another gorgeous collectible from Taschen books, but this one carries some emotional and personal connection that touched me as I flipped through it. Travelers, and fans of exploration will find themselves returning to these lush photos repeatedly.
What could be just another "guide to inexpensive hotels across the world" by any other publisher, is a personal and intimate travel diary that reflects the isolation and moods of it's author in foreign lands. The photos, (taken in the rooms before the sheets were turned down) are as engaging and hypnotic as the text.
The book begins with a price list that details how much, or more often how little, the author paid for the rooms. The cheapest room was $4.00 in Madras and the most expensive in California. The author's nomadic appreciation for the simple things and the little details that touched her will also touch the reader. With each page I read and each image absorbed, I wanted so badly to seek out these exotic locations as well. I think this book will be a huge hit with regular travelers and those looking to go on vacation, and is a must for those who want to travel, but sadly may never to see these wonderful places.
This is a wonderful bedside book for those who only can get through a few pages and before nodding off, and for people who want to consume small excerpts, rather than plodding through a whole novel. Coffee tables will also welcome this book happily and guests will enjoy flipping through its pages of culture diversity. I will be giving Cheap Hotels to my family and friends for Christmas. There is just something about following the author's adventures and stories that I found overwhelmingly appealing. It is a beautiful book from a soulful individual who provides insight on a life en route and lived in unfamiliar places every night. Particularly great are the stories of her interactions with the people she encountered, and the creatures behind the toilet. I loved this book, as it inspired me to learn more about the places Ms. McLane traveled to and stayed, but also made me care for the author and share her journey on many levels. It is my feeling that books like this, that explore the cultures of the world, make us all more empathetic and aware of the world we live in. Taschen continually brings the world together with it's diverse selection and culturally exotic books. Add this to your coffee table or library and be prepared to be engrossed and to smile often as you flip through the pages.

Terry Osterhout
September 2002

Cheap Hotels by Daisann McLane

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