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Blood: The Last Vampire 2002
Benkyo Tamaoki - Viz Publishing
Graphically violent Anime: it's not just for kids anymore...

Erotic manga artist, Benkyo Tamaoki, created this 200 page sequel to the groundbreaking Anime and takes it up a notch or two by bringing the story into modern times and providing a wonderful origin story for Saya. This book doesn't tread familiar ground, it splits the earth right open. Saya is on assignment in another school, investigating vampires and gang activity when she comes across a young woman who has been bullied by her classmates. Saya is soon on the trail of vampires and of a deadly foe that is linked to her past. Lesbian sex scenes, graphic vampire violence and social commentary, Blood: The Last Vampire 2002 is a work of mesmerizing genius that crosses the lines, pushes the envelope and kicks you so hard in the gut with it's finale, you'll check your own pulse. Benkyo Tamaoki's black and white art is really beautiful. One hopes that he will revisit this genre again very soon. Easily offended? Stay away from this book! If you liked the Anime, you cannot miss this continuing story of Saya. It is everything the movie lacked and is further proof that comic books aren't for kids anymore.

Terry Osterhout
September 2003

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