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Politics - August, 2002 - Terry Jumps on the Soapbox
You can tell Terry's American. We love our top tens.

1.Democratic Attorney, Julian Epstein. Wow!!! This guy is on. Catch him on CNN, and marvel at the communicative skills of a rational man. "Julian Epstein, you make me want to be a better man!"

2.Actors and celebrities who back politicians. Hi, yes, um. Put your money where your mouth is and give something back to all of the poor people who spend their last dollars to see your movies. Bald Republican actor guy, I really want to like you except you are becoming more of a facist every day. Stick to the day job. We don't need another former actor for President unless it's Clint Eastwood or Jon Stewart.

3.NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. OK, people. I lived in NYC during the Giuliani years and he is no hero. Mike Bloomberg however, has really garnered my attention and respect. This man is much too human to be that wealthy. His appearance on "The Daily Show" made me an instant fan and his attitude on education proved he is the man for the job, post 9/11. Living proof, the rich can do some good.

4.CNN's Crossfire. The most entertaining show on television. One only need to watch the political feathers fly between Republicans and Democrats to learn why nothing gets done in congress - no one listens to anyone, let alone try to understand their point of view.

5.The war on porn and drugs. America has bigger problems than these non-issues. It is time to get religion out of government and start focusing on the real emergencies in this country. The naked human body is not dirty and drug abuse isn't going to go away if drug abusers are treated like criminals.

6.Common sense and rational behavior. We all need more, but they especially need it in our government.

7.Environmental Issues. If you are not concerned about the environment even a little bit, you haven't left the house in a while. Ignorance isn't bliss, it's death. Conserve and preserve.

8.Political parties. I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, help people and stop helping yourself!!!

9.John Kerry and John McCain. Rumor has it this dynamic duo might run together for Presidential office in 2004. We need a Democratic President and a Republican Vice-President. This pairing quite honestly gives me shivers of arousal. I will give up a year of my life to support this campaign. Kerry is one of the few Democrats willing to publicly question Bush and his aggressive policies.

10.Post 9/11 patriotism!!! Nothing beats being cut off in traffic by little old ladies with "Remember the Twin Towers" bumper stickers or "Firemen Are the Real Heroes." It is dangerous to question our government since 9/11 and considered anti-American by many to criticize the United States. Well, I love America but we are not perfect and under the current administration, we have a lot to answer for, especially when it comes to environmental policies. I don't dislike our President, picking on him is like teasing a retarded child, I don't like how cozy everyone is with corporations and how the people who put Bush in office are pulling his strings. Let's not be a nation of sheep. I am happy to examine whether I am wrong or not, but the smugness coming from our government leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I unlike a lot of people, actually lived in the neighborhood surrounding the World Trade Center only two months before 9/11, so hearing people lecture me about 9/11 who didn't live in the affected areas is like listening to a white person explain the perils of African Americans. Everyone needs to relax!!!





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