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Previous Poll Results
Visitor Comments:
If Alfred E. Ran
And Then There Were Three
John Edwards (28%)
John Kerry (19%)
Alfred E. Newman (52%)



Dropping Like Flies
The Plot Thickens,
The Field Thins
Wesley Clark 5 (19%)
Howard Dean 5 (19%)
John Edwards 7 (26%)
John Kerry 8 (30%)
Dennis Kucinich 0 (0%)
Al Sharpton 1 (3%)
26 Total votes



Who's Your Pick As
The Field Thins?
Wesley Clark (29%)
Howard Dean (22%)
John Edwards (12%)
John Kerry (14%)
Dennis Kucinich (3%)
Joe Lieberman (3%)
Al Sharpton (1%)
Hillary Clinton(undeclared) (2%)
197 Total votes



Pre-Iowa Primary Poll
Who's Your Pick For The Democratic Primaries?
Carol Moseley Braun 3 (1%)
Wesley Clark 57 (32%)
Howard Dean 43 (24%)
John Edwards 16 (9%)
Dick Gephardt 18 (10%)
John Kerry 18 (10%)
Dennis Kucinich 5 (2%)
Joe Lieberman 7 (4%)
Al Sharpton 3 (1%)
Hillary Clinton(undeclared) 4 (2%)
174 Total votes


1. Howard Dean doesn't stand a chance against Bush. He's already lost the south, meaning the Republicans can focus their massive financial clout on all the other electoral-heavy states, and they're doing a good job of hijacking the democratic process in those states already anyway...

2. If anybody saw Carol Moseley Braun on "Hardball" or in the debates, she'd be the next president hands down. A brilliant, genuine, honest candidate..

3. OR NOT!

4. Billary all the way! She's not emceeing that Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner for nuthin'!

5. If Lieberman wins, he won't be the first Jewish-American to hold the presidency in his hands. That was Monica Lewinksy...

6. What about the Republican primaries? Heh.

7. Hillary Clinton spent more time in Iraq than BushBaby. She's got my vote if she runs.

8. As a professional caricaturist, I'm for Kerry...

9. Might as well take Lieberman off your list. He's been GORED!!!

10. Kucinich sure knows how to throw it away, as if he had it anyway.

11 Gephardt's a 'tard.

12. Awright, who's been multiclicking Wes Clark? Foul! Foul! Lean Mean Dean!

13. It's OVER for the JEW

14. Whoa, people. Cool it with the anti-Semitism!

15. Master and Commander, Clark and Kerry 2004

16. Al Sharpton is a Republican Tool:

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