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Our Final Results
Visitor Comments:

How Skewed We Were

2004 Presidential
Who's Your Pick?
George Bush 364 (38%)
John Kerry 479 (50%)
Ralph Nader 43 (4%)
Alfred E. Newman 55 (5%)
941 Total votes


Bush? I love Bush! Shaved is good too!

Nader Schmader. Not a chance. What a fool.

bush is a lying scheming poo-poo head!

The tide is turning in America. We know from several sources that the Bush administration was dead-set on going to Iraq from the beginning of it's stay at the White House and that 3,500 wounded and almost 600 casualties in Iraq is a very good reason not to re-elect Bush.

John Kerry is a FAG

Who is Alfred E. Newman ?

"John Kerry Is A Douchebag But I'm Voting For Him Anyway"....HILARIOUS

Alfred E! MAD POTUS!

The people who wantBush out and Kerry in will find a new wave of terrorism right in there own back yards.Then they can cry to get Bush back in office

Kerry/Edwards 2004! Cheney will still be profitting from Haliburton's involvement in Iraq, so why would he care?

62% Kerry & 26% Bush?!?!?!? You must have a pretty limited kind of visitor to your site, ie; bleeding heart liberals...

If Michael Moore can beg Nader not to run, could someone please beg Mike Moore not to eat?

Idiots of America unite for Bush! 4 more years will send us all to Hell!

People who rabidly believe that Bush makes us safer are seriously delusional. He doesn't do anything at all for that matter. It is all of the people around him and they too, are oblivious. Like Bush or hate him, it is time to try anything else for 4 years than this loser.

Who the hell is Alfred E. Newman?

Four more Queers! Four more Queers! Four more Queers! Four more Queers! Four more Queers! Four more Queers!


or a sitting duck?


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