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Run Lola Run
Ian Gray's Homonculus is Happy

I think there's a tiny little man running in my head. Running and running. I have no other explanation for why I don't mind listening to this CD over and over. And over. The soundtrack from Run Lola Run miraculously pulls off the same feat as the movie - engaging monotony. Either could have easily been incredibly boring, but they both cleverly pull the viewer into a dislocated time-space continuum where new rules seem to apply. Having only watched the movie twice, I wouldn't call myself obsessed, but I must admit I would've watched it a few more times if it hadn't been a rental, and will probably pick up the DVD at some point. There's something magical about the continuum the film's central character moves in, and those images likely will drift through your mind as you play the soundtrack CD. Friends who had not seen the film found the CD quite listenable, suggesting it was perhaps a little more listenable than most run-of-the-mill electro-beat/ambient out there. In the liner notes there are some "instructions" down by the credits which suggest listening to tracks 2-9 to "re-experience the movie", tracks 10-16 "for an alternative experience". We just keep popping it in and playing it straight through. And through.


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