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National Lampoon's Van Wilder
(Unrated Edition)

Good, Unclean Fun

I know I am going to get raked over the coals of hell for this, but I liked this movie. I picked up this DVD on a whim (having missed it in the theater) and watched it with my wife, (who also enjoyed it but will kill me for telling you all this).
Van Wilder is not particularly clever or original, but it is very entertaining and it does have a secret weapon in the incredibly likeable Ryan Reynolds who, mark my words, is going to be a HUGE star! Watching this actor react and swish through each scene with grace and humor is so much fun, you forget that the movie itself isn't breaking any new ground. I believe the theatrical release was rated PG-13 and thankfully Artisan had the brains to release a 2 disc, unrated edition that includes the excised nudity, miscellaneous gross-out humor, and foul language. This movie somehow just worked for me, and the tale of Van Wilder, slacker nice guy and permanent college student, is a must for fans of the "Porkys" and "Animal House" genre.
The 2-disc set includes a lot of outtakes, deleted scenes and very funny "making of" type features. This movie is definitely a rental, but those who liked the movie will want to pick up this nice DVD set. There are some great moments which warrant repeat viewings and I predict this movie will earn a deserved "cult" following. Good, unclean fun!!!

Terry Osterhout
August 2002

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