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The Bermuda Depths

This is one of the best movies you may never see! Rankin and Bass, creative team behind many Holiday clay animation specials, tackled this live action movie about a mystical sea turtle and the young boy who is bound to the ghost of a young woman who is somehow bound to the giant turtle. The boy grows up to seek out the coastal village where he grew up and find some answers to his nagging questions. The girl is now a woman, played by a pre- John Tesh, Connie Selleca, and the turtle is much bigger. I am one of many who saw this one television as a child and simply can't erase this beautifully haunting gothic fairy tale from my brain. This movie needs to be released on DVD more than anything else, (with the exception of "Danger: Diabolik." I include it on the list so that you movie lovers know that you must see this movie before you die. You will never be the same!


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