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President Evil
Er, that's in the Politics section. Meant to type:
Resident Evil

This adaptation of the popular video game series was fun, lean and mean. Gore fans might be disappointed at the lack of blood and guts, but fans of the game will appreciate the attention to detail that perfectly captures the fun of survival horror.
I bought this DVD despite the rumor of an impending 2 disc set and am pleased I did. This is a "special edition" and will satisfy many DVD enthusiasts and fans of the movie. It provides many excellent "making of" features, a music video and the funniest audio commentary I have experienced yet. I watched this several times in the first day and admit to listening to the entertaining commentary between the director, producer, and stars Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez. This disc's laugh-out-loud, funniest moment comes when Milla's semi-naked character falls off of a gurney at the movie's end, revealing her pubic region, prompting Milla to shout out "twat shot" on the commentary track. I spit my lunch out across the room laughing.
This is a fun action movie which is presented in a beautiful transfer and a lot of fun to watch with a group. The movie looks good and sounds great and will please those who like it repeatedly, (and isn't that what this site is all about?)
Add this one to your collection!

Terry Osterhout
August 2002

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