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Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yea, it's the
Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary
DVD Special Edition
Quick - Somebody get Terry a Bib...

Let me just wipe the drool off of my chin. For the last three hours I have been sifting through the extras on the new "Reservoir Dogs" DVD from Artisan and I just can't believe how much bonus material they packed onto this amazing disc. The last couple of weeks have brought us three Quentin Tarantino DVDs, all of which are full of insightful interviews and documentaries. I am hard pressed to choose a favorite because all of Tarantino's movies seem to make a single film. Tarantino's detractors and critics are either missing the point, (which ultimately is that Tarantino makes genre movies for his own pleasure), or they are jealous failed filmmakers. Tarantino would much sooner have all filmmakers realize their dreams and encourages filmmakers to make their movies, no excuses, no matter the cost. He is right, of course, and living proof that dreams happen if you pursue them relentlessly. Of course, the realization is also that Tarantino is a rare talent and that tenacity alone does not get a film made. Love him or hate him, Tarantino makes movies that no one else can or will, and this is a blessing in light of the current crop of syrup covered crap coming from Hollywood these days. American cinema - Fincher, Shyamlan, and Soderbergh and a few others aside - is virtually brain-dead.
"Reservoir Dogs" unapologetically "borrows" from Ringo Lam's "City on Fire," 70's culture and film noir, but also created a genre in itself. "Reservoir Dogs", like all of Tarantino's films, is engaging and funny, and worthy of repeated viewings because re-watching Tarantino's films is like hanging out with friends you haven't seen in awhile.
Some of the great features on this disc: cast interviews, Sundance video lab footage of "Reservoir Dogs", commentary tracks, and plenty of cool documentaries. Particularly good: Michael Madsen and his sons in their home; ex-con Mr. Blue (Eddie Bunker) driving around L.A. talking about his criminal past. Also completely hilarious is a radio interview with a real convict who rips on the lack of reality in "Reservoir Dogs."
Pick this DVD up if you love a deeper look into how movies are made, and if you are fans of the film and Tarantino himself.
Of note is a debate about the picture quality of this release. Many say it is vastly inferior to the previous issue of "Reservoir Dogs," but in my opinion, it is barely evident and the disc is worth the purchase just for the extras. Do yourselves a favor and ignore the "negative-Nancys". Buy this disc. Some will have a hard choice between the five covers, but be informed, the Tarantino cover is rare and will not be re-issued.

Terry Osterhout
August 2002

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