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Logan's Run

You can improve special effects but you can't beat "Logan's Run" for originality or intrigue. Few modern sci-fi movies have come close to beating this classic. Back when you could still nudity in a PG movie, Logan's Run isn't dumbed down like too many of today's movies. Plot, character development, great sets, Farrah Fawcett, hey this one has it all. Set in a futuristic version of America, once you turn thirty, its over, just like in real life. Michael York plays a "Sandman" an agent authorized to hunt down "runners," those who decide thirty years isn't enough. Of course Michael York is forced to run as well and everything his character believed is challenged. Another fine example of why the seventies were the greatest decade for experimental film and how current directors are still ripping off that decade, (oh, I mean borrowing, "Minority Report" anyone?)

1976 118mins. Rated PG Directed by Michael Anderson

Logan's Run

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