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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Directed by McG, Starring Some Angels

I think I'm one of a handful who loved the first Charlie's Angels movie, and for me, if the sequel was more of the same; I wasn't going to be disappointed. I loved the sequel. Crispin Glover is even more incredible in this one, and Cameron Diaz is even hotter. Guess what? Drew Barrymore is also hot and to all of those who think she isn't very attractive, I think you should rip your eyes from their sockets and cut off your manhood. (I said "manhood", heh) Ok, the plot is simple, (LOL) The Angels have to retrieve some magic rings and save the world in very little clothing, but they have to deal with Demi Moore, (who also loses her clothes and all of her baby-fat.) You see, Demi's character was once an angel, but now she's evil and she wants to have lesbian sex with the new angels, (wait, that is the Terry version.) Who cares what it's about? The action rocks! The girls are smoking hot, and the music is pumping. It makes me feel like a teenage boy again, and it makes me write like one too! I hope they keep making these damn movies until I'm 80. When Cameron Diaz laughs, I feel all happy inside. When Drew smiles, I smile. And when Lucy Liu acts tough, I feel tough. Yes, men are not allowed to be angels, but I can still dream, right! There are also some wonderful cameos that will make you smile and a parody of a very popular television show that is so funny I almost wet myself. In a world where George W. Bush can be President even though he's a big, stupid, dummy-head, I need movies like Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle so I don't jump off a bridge. If you didn't like these movies, why are you still reading this? Go watch some sports, jeez!

Terry Osterhout
September 2003

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