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Alien Blood
Directed by Jon Sorensen

Fans of indie sci-fi will love "Alien Blood" from U.K. movie maker Jon Sorensen, as it blends genres and defies the notion that a science fiction movie can't be good unless it has a big budget. Moody, surreal and rich with character, this story of a mother on the run from assassins, is so interesting and well done that accepting the premise becomes secondary to marveling at just how much fun "Alien Blood" is. Sorensen doesn't use conventional story telling methods and much of the film, at first, is without dialogue. I liked that the action moved the story and didn't rely on overly explained discussions of the scenarios. Audiences who need everything spelled out for them might have a hard time following the story when it suddenly veers off, dropping us into a house full of eccentric vampires. Aliens, Vampires and assassins converge upon the house and we are treated to some great special effects and some clever dialogue. "Alien Blood" is not "The Matrix," but it is reminiscent of the old Hammer films, combined with the best low budget science fiction from the fifties to the seventies when you could make these kinds of movies without studios worrying about whether or not there was marketing potential and action figures to be sold. Don't let schlock distributors Troma Team Video scare you away. They had nothing to do with the making of this film, so it actually has taste and intelligence. I look forward to Sorensen's future feature projects and after you see this movie, so will you! Support indie films and check out "Alien Blood."

Terry Osterhout
February 2003

Alien Blood

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