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Nerd Up to Your Motherboard
Terry Shares Quick Tech Recommendations

Sony VX2000
I've had my SonyVX1000 for almost five years and am still getting beautiful images and faithful service. I will be needing to upgrade and get 2 VX2000's for the upcoming production of my movie and the digital video collective we're starting, and I had to weigh between the new Canon and the updated Sony VX2000. I am going to have to go with the Sony because my VX1000 never let me down, and the VX2000 has even more incredible features, including a flip-open viewfinder which I really need. For the price and dependability, Sony proves time and time again to be the leader in quality. We'll post a review of the VX2000 when I get it.

If you're thinking of getting into digital video editing and are having a hard time making up your mind, let ProMax get you started. I purchased my editing system from them several years ago and found the price, service and selection to be incredible. I doubt you can find a better price, and their systems come ready to edit. ProMax is pretty much your one stop shop for all of your digital video needs. For under six thousand bucks, they'll hook you up with a G4, Final Cut Pro 3, tons of power and speed, speakers and a monitor and so much more. You will be ready to start shooting and editing the day it arrives. ProMax makes getting started so easy, you won't believe it.

Final Cut Pro 3 and the Art of Filmmaking
by Jason Cranford Teague and David Teague
OK, Final Cut Pro editors, if you are looking for a simple and comprehensive guide to Final Cut Pro 3 and digital video editing, this is the book you have been dreaming of. Any experienced Final Cut Pro editor or newcomer who has tried to absorb the included manuals knows, one needs a simpler helper.cover
This beautiful, graphic "how-to" even comes with a DVD full of useful instructional material. The layout of the book breaks the most important information down in a way that will have you editing as soon as you are plugged in and hooked up.
One of the best features of this book is the inclusion of other filmmakers and video artist's perspectives and accounts of working with Final Cut Pro.
New to digital video filmmakers will also take great stock in the "Shooting Video for Efficient Editing" section on page 53 and the pages that follow. This section breaks down what to avoid and what to do when shooting video to make your editing smooth and your finished product professional. It is these kinds of "hands-on" sections throughout the book that make this such a valuable purchase. Final Cut Pro editors generally end up picking up numerous "how to" manuals to aid them in making their editing better, but they should make sure to include on the shelf next to their work station because it will get the most use. My personal thanks to the authors of this book, even though I have been editing for several years, I have already more than a few things I hadn't yet figured out. Worth twice the price!!!
Sony DCRVX-2000

(At Amazon)


Visit Promax
(This is an un-sponsored link - Terry just likes them...)

1000DP Super Drive - Final Cut Pro System Core

- Power Macintosh G4, 1000MHz Dual Processor
- 1024MB SDRAM
- 80GB Boot Drive
- One 80GB ATA EIDE Drive, 7200rpm
- Super Drive
- Final Cut Pro 3.0
- Sonicfire Pro Mac Bundle
- 19 inch RGB Black Monitor
- 14 inch Sony NTSC Studio Monitor
- Altec Lansing 621 3Pc. Speaker System
- Contour Shuttle Pro
- Battery Back-up
- ProMax Master CD Backup
- ProMax FCP 3.0 Training PowerPack
- AppleCare Power Mac G Series 3 Years
- System Configuration and Preinstallation
- One Year of Toll Free Support


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