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Panasonic's AG-DVX100
Terry Cleverly Inserts Plugs In His Plugs

I'm not going to bore you with a lot of technical talk, (because I'm no expert), but what I will do is tell you how incredible this new digital video camera is and how it will change the face of indie movie making. Many of you might be aware of the fact that I run a low budget DV movie studio and that we are working on a zombie movie, "Hybrid," that will include segments from DV movie makers from all over the world. You may also know that I used a credit card to purchase the new Panasonic AG-DVX100 upon finding out that it has a feature to replicate 24fps. After a bit of research, I decided to take the plunge and order the digital video camera which sells for under $5,000. (This is nothing when you consider the fact that the same technology was only available for about five times that before. I own a Sony VX1000, which finally died after only 5 years. Not cool Sony, not cool! I loved my VX1000 and got many years use from it, but Panasonic may have seduced me for good because after shooting only seven scenes from "Hybrid," I can tell you we were astonished at how incredible the footage looked. The 24fps feature is meant to be tweaked with editing software such as Final Cut Pro, and the results are amazing. Kubrick would be impressed (Oh c'mon! Ed.). The colors are so strong, and the tones are as striking as anything I have seen on the big screen. No, it's not film and for that matter, it doesn't look exactly like film, but the AG-DVX100 delivers the most gorgeous images I have seen from a digital video camera and it will defy audiences not to see the beauty of it. Another excellent feature is the built in XLR feature, allowing for the best audio I have captured yet in my six years of working with digital video. Purchasing this camera was one of the smartest things I ever did, and I think you will all agree when you see "Hybrid." Digital video has never been so appealing.

Terry Osterhout
February 2003

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