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A Unique Production Experiment

Originally conceived as Terry Osterhout's no-budget full-length directorial debut, Digital Fantastique decided to embark upon an interesting endeavor - a collaborative video production culled from footage submitted by digital video artists seeking broader exposure and the opportunity to collaborate in a unique manner not possible (or at least economically feasible) via conventional filmmaking processes. Hybrid is therefore both an open production experiment, and a film.

The Story
Medical students discover one of their professors is bringing back the dead, and that they are mutating into a breed of super-zombies who crave human blood. Their attempts to expose the professor come too late, as the zombies quickly infiltrate society. These are not your typical undead, as these blue-skinned zombies seek the same things they did when they were alive: sex, drugs, and the other forms of stimulation we all crave, and, well, human blood too. These zombies have every intention of going about their "normal" lives, but their blood lust proves problematic both for them and the humans that want to stop them.

Your Mission
Create a five to ten minute segment interpreting this premise in any fashion you like.


Here are the basic guidelines for interested contributors:

1. You have total creative freedom! There are no creative rules, but we would love to see footage that is radically different than anything filmed before. This project is intended to be literally a hybrid of genres, ideas and filmmakers - a dark fairy tale for adults. Have fun!
2. All footage must be submitted on mini DV tapes, shot with a digital video camera with all contact information and cast crew credits included. and Digital Fantastique Studios take no responsibility for lost or damaged submissions.
3. Footage should not exceed 20 minutes and we reserve the right to edit footage, but will communicate with the filmmaker before releasing final cuts. If we are flooded with submissions, it is our intention to include any unused scenes as extras on the DVD.
4. Use common sense and obey the law. If your scenes have nudity or sex, please include appropriate documentation (i.e.; release forms, proof of age) for any nude actors or actresses. We encourage you to push the envelope, but don't do anything that is harmful to yourselves or your actors or crews.
5. All footage becomes the property of Digital Fantastique Studios. Upon receiving submissions, you will be sent a release from, which will need to be signed and returned before we can use the footage. The contract will basically say you grant us the right to use the footage in the movie and its promotion; that you will be fully credited and promoted; and that you also have the right to continue to use your own footage any way you wish. You essentially retain the rights and ownership of your creative properties, but you will allow its unlimited inclusion in the movie "HYBRID." If you decide you don't agree with the contract, don't sign it or contact us, and your footage will not be used.

The Bottom Line
This is an experiment and we don't expect to profit from this. Any money made will be put back into the collective and the next collaboration. We are seeking to create a movie with many different styles and perspectives, featuring interesting actors and locations. You won't get paid, but you will get to be a part of something that has never been done before, and get significant exposure at the same time. Get your friends together, and shoot something fun and send it in. The cast and crew of each scene used will be credited by segment, and we hope to include commentary tracks and behind the scenes footage in the DVD release. All contributors will receive a copy of the DVD. All included and interested filmmakers will be invited to develop a follow-up project in 2003, for which we intend to develop a payment system. We think this is the beginning of something big - a network for independent filmmakers that will empower us and bring our community together. I am very excited about this project and the unlimited possibilities of digital video production. I can't wait to hear from you and see what you have in mind.

Questions? Contact Terry
Use the subject line "HYBRID SUBMISSIONS"

Terry Osterhout
Digital Fantastique Studios
704 Old Farm Road
Valhalla, NY 10595 takes no responsibility for Digital Fantastique and it's ventures, projects or communications.

Learn More About Hybrid & Other Projects - Visit:

Imagine e-mailing a friend in California for digital video footage of palm trees and ocean, while you are shooting your digital video production in the freezing Midwest in mid-winter. The possibilities digital video has afforded us are limitless.

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