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The Liberal Elitist

"Get Your Hands Off My Fur Coat, I'm Trying To Save The Planet"

Serving Up Power Corruption & Lies Since 2000

March 2000
Bush, Gore, and other
Dull One-Syllable Words

April 2000
Ken Starr, PI;
Al "MC Bullworth" Gore

May 2000
Blocking Bill's Gates;
No Swoosh for UM

June 2000
Napster, Metallica
Proposed Merger

October 2000
Bore 2000
Candidate Picker

December 2000
The New Electoral College,
And How to Buy It

December 2001
Victory Declared in
War on Peace

January 2002
Bush Approval Soars,
I.Q. Holds Steady

May 2002
DoD for Dummies,
Getting (Ken) Layed