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Home » Archives » March 2007 » If I Had The Money, I'd Buy One. If It Existed.

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03/01/2007:"If I Had The Money, I'd Buy One. If It Existed."

heliodisplay (24k image) Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; I can't tell if this product is real or not. IO2 Technology has gotten a fair amount of tech industry press over the past couple of years for their "Free Space Display". The only video footage available (YouTube clip here, and two Windows Media clips on their site) look kind of like when R2D2 projects the image of Princess Leia in Star Wars. I WANT to believe it's real, but the alleged inventor - Chad Dyner - speaks awfully cryptically about it while essentially saying the images are projected on to a fine mist. See this OhGizmo interview, in which he says things like "Basically, we are creating a thermal differential within the air and as soon as you do that, the air goes through a process of rapid condensation." Hmm. Smoke and mirrors? Their site mentions corporate clients but fails to list any, a little peculiar for ground-breaking technology that has gone public.

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