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Home » Archives » February 2007 » Post Historic Retro Futures

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02/18/2007:"Post Historic Retro Futures"

feitsuiwan_desolation_row (10k image)
I've always been fascinated with the idea of what future archaeologists would make of contemporary life. Images like the one at left, or maybe Elena Filatova's images of Chernobyl capture an eerie feeling of what the present might look like from the future. We can watch Reversible Destiny Lofts become Feitsuiwan Desolation Row. Koert van Mensvoort captures the idea with this image and in his book Next Nature: "Our established view of 'nature' needs reconsideration. The notions of nature and culture are trading places. Products of culture, which we used to be in control of, tend to outgrow us and become autonomous. The natural powers shift to another field. Nature changes along with us."