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Home » Archives » February 2007 » We Have All Bean Here Before

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02/15/2007:"We Have All Bean Here Before"

If you've never checked out the Ann Arbor Film Festival, this might be the year to do it, if only so you can have a cup of our friend John Roos' coffee, the Official Coffee of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Congrats little Johnny, you've come a long way since the days when you hand roasted each bean with a blow-dryer! To get an idea of the effect Roosroast coffee can have on you, check out the YouTube video on the left. That's John himself after like, 2 cups I think.

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On Sunday, February 18th, Fuk I Dunno Said:

"get out of the way guy"
I love that line! :swoon:

And hte sound of the mousse splunking out.... such sound effects!