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Home » Archives » February 2007 » For All Our Boston Readers

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02/04/2007:"For All Our Boston Readers"

da_bomb (16k image)

That image on the left might not be a just a ball cap. As explained in the Hoax Devices Catalogue: "At first glance this may look like a typical embroidered baseball cap, but if you look a little closer you will see that in fact, it's 'Da Bomb'. Further inspection shows it to be identical in every way to a baseball cap so if you didn't know it was a bomb by the clear labeling you'd easily confuse it for a baseball cap. Definitely not FAA approved." Please do not confuse this item with other terror devices like DA BOMB Ground Zero Hot Sauce or Talk to La Bomb, an ingenious encryption device that can only be read by spinning very rapidly while carefully aligning a tiny laser.